Motor vehicle accidents (trucks, busses, motorcycles, and automobiles);
Railroad crossing collisions;
Construction accidents;
Playground and school ground accidents;
Boating, waterskiing, and other maritime accidents;
Slip, trip, and fall cases;
Propane and gas explosions and fire cases;
Electrical cases;
Negligence in highway and maintenance.

Failure to properly design, manufacture, and warn against safety risks;
Defective machinery;
Defective food stuffs;
Defective motor vehicles;
Defective medical products;
Defective tires.

Defective drugs and drug products;
Improper filling of prescriptions;
Over-the-counter medications;
Prescription drug liability.

Both airline and private plane crashes;
Flight injuries;
Helicopter crashes;
FAA (air traffic control) negligence.

Cases against the US government under the Federal Tort Claims Act for negligence of government employees;
Cases against the State of California for dangerous and defective highways causing accidents;
Cases against various counties and local municipalities for negligence, to include dangerous conditions of streets and sidewalks and negligence in providing government services.

The firm has undertaken cases where clients have suffered damages due to negligence of other professionals, to include attorneys, architects, engineers, and contractors.

While on the job injuries entitle workers and/or their families to Workers’ Compensation benefits, there may be enhanced benefits as well as a third party claims against parties over and beyond the employer.

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